All of the paintings on this page are available to purchase directly through myself connected through PayPal. If you are interested, want to query one of my paintings, or have any questions either click on the Contact Page or email me directly on Just attach the painting description to the email when querying. After purchase, I will contact you further for delivery. Postage/delivery costs will be additional to the price of the painting and the delivery cost will vary depending on each piece due to size.

'Dive In' (2019) oil on canvas, 180x180cm - £1600

'Bondi Beach' (2019) oil on board, 122x122cm - £1200

'Swimming Pool' (2019) oil on canvas over board, 30x30cm - £300

'Empty Swimming Pool' (2019) oil on canvas, 180x90cm (90x90cm x2) - £1200

'Unitiled' (2019) oil on canvas, 120x90cm - £800

'Untitled' (2019) oil on canvas over board, 30x30cm - £250

'Untitled' (2019) oil on board, 30x30cm - £250

'Boiling Sea 4' (2018) oil on board, 90x90cm - £500

'Boiling Sea 3' (2018) oil on board, 90x90cm - £500

'Daymer' (2018) oil on board, 122x122cm - £1200